Midway Hustle

Hey there! Your unwavering support has been incredible, and we're beyond grateful for it. We're thrilled to share that exciting changes are on the horizon for Midway Hustle Records! A brand-new website is in the works, along with fresh strategies to deliver the music we're passionate about in smarter, more sustainable ways. We're continually moved and inspired by the wealth of talent within Chicago's artist community. Our dedication to nurturing and showcasing their incredible work remains committed. Midway Hustle Records will persist in utilizing our platform as a catalyst to bolster and champion these exceptional talents, fostering an ever evolving and supportive environment. Thank you immensely for your patience and understanding as we embark on this thrilling journey of evolution. Stay tuned for what's to come—it's going to be amazing! Stay safe, take care, and keep the music alive! Warm regards, Midway Hustle